Hi Joop,

I was referring to the schematic but I note that I wasn't specific in my
message text.
I understand the problem better now and know how to minimise the effects.

I'm not looking for the text to be mirrored but I would like it to stay
close to the component.

I have found that by using the library editor to reposition the component
parts, centring them on the origin, now when the part is placed on a
schematic and mirrored, the text stays in the same position relative to the
(What would be really neat would be to be able to set the position and
content of the text in the library editor, reducing the need to re-position
the text when the part is placed)

What was happening before, when the part was located in the top right
quadrant relative to it's origin, when mirrored it would move to the top
left hand quadrant, relative to  the parts origin, but the text remained in
the top right hand quadrant.

Thanks for the top tip.


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Tim Coleman wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Something that is increasingly niggling me about Protel is having to
> reposition text when I mirror a component. It flips the component ok but
> leaves the text where it was. Is there any way to sort this in the library
> editor so that it doesn't happen? Is it a configuration thing?

I'm not sure what you mean. Schematic or PCB? A schematic contains parts, a
PCB contains components.
In Schematic it is harmless to mirror a part and text is staying close to
the part, unmirrored.
That seems to be OK to me, because I don't want mirrored text in my circuit

In PCB the text is mirrored together with the component. I think that's a
good idea, because so you are focused at the fact, that you are doing
something abnormal. In general you have to be very careful with mirroring
components, it can screw up your PCB-design, if you do not carefully
consider what you are doing! Also you get a warning when you try to mirror a

So I think Protel has done this correctly.

In PCB (P99SE) you also have a nice tool, to position all text globally.
Go to: Tools>Interactive Placement>Position Component Text...
Here you can globally change the relative position of component text. Very
handy in finding back lost designators or comments!
Note: this action is only done on selected components, so first you have to
select the components, on which you want to perform this action.

> And another thing that's a bit wierd, sometimes when I go to place a power
> symbol, the symbol is offset from the cursor for the first one
> placed, after
> that the symbol is on the cursor. Why?

Yes, I've seen that too (P99SE, SP6, WIN2K). I think it is a (minor) bug.
Hope it's fixed in the future, but I don't consider it as a serious problem.

Have a nice day!

Joop Reekers
Semecs bv, Almelo NL

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