At 10:51 AM 4/5/01 -0500, Frank Gilley wrote:

>I'm happily editing along in my SCH when I suddenly feel the urge to 
>Design|Update PCB.  I'm presented with the usual dialogue box, except I 
>accidentally pick Create New Board instead of Apply.  K, Protel creates a 
>blank PCB workspace using the same filename as my already open intended 
>target board.  This raises an eyebrow, but no cause for alarm yet.  The 
>Update Design box is staring at me, so I simply Cancel out and close the 
>blank PCB.  Try again with Design|Update PCB; except now there is no box 
>to choose a target board.  It flashes by in the blink of an eye, leaving 
>me with the same blank PCB (reopened) and the Update Design box.  After 
>chasing my tail a few times, there would seem to be no way to update my 
>design...?  Hmmm.
>To resolve the problem, you must delete the newly created blank PCB.

I'm not sure I know everything that is going on, but by creating a new 
board, schematic accepted the new board as the target PCB. Closing it did 
not change that. When the blank file was deleted, Schematic would then look 
for a different PCB to update, and presumably would find it.

I'm fairly new with the synchronizer; I thought I remembered a place where 
you can set the target PCB, but I could not find it. I think it is only set 
once; if it has been set previously, it remains at that setting and the 
only way, apparently, to change it is to get the current PCB out of the 
way. As I recall, if there is more than one possible PCB, one will be 
prompted to choose which one is intended.

Abdulrahman Lomax
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