On 02:59 PM 4/4/01 -0400, Brian Guralnick said:
>I had a small attachment to the previous letter which didn't come back to me
>in my echoed letter.
>Does this forum now kill attachments?

Nope. Didn't receive it here or at home.

Perhaps Abd ul-Rahman's and my complaints finally paid off...!

Sorry Brian, ...No offense intended, but I'd rather not have someone else 
sticking their files in my hard-drive without my express permission, each 
and every single time they intend to do so, regardless of how small the 
file is.

On the general subject (though somewhat OT), it might be useful if such 
attachments were auto-relocated to a user-file depository, like the Yahoo 
Protel User's Assoc. groups file area, though perhaps to a specific 
subdirectory off of the main called (PEDA-DUMP) por something. It would be 
a very simple filter to execute, on the order of difficulty of a basic 
Eudora email filter, though I expect it's actualization  would also require 
the PEDA admin to be a member of the Assoc. forum...

now, that'd be a hoot...<g>

Hmm...I guess I can also see the dark side of that idea, if it were to 
become no longer a matter of personal restraint to avoid sending 
attachments...One need only be reminded of that relative of 
yours/mine/theirs/etc who just got "hooked up", and now loves to send 
5-10Meg post cards to all of their closest 50 friends and relatives, (and 
whoever else they can place in that neato Address book thingy), tagging 
each with a warm, personal greeting that goes something like... "How fun 
this Internet thingy is!, cousin/nephew, son, etc." to recognize the 
potential problem from our perspectives. "Hey, what's a measly 10M ddb, 
after all, I have a DSl connection...Hey,what's a 100M ddb, after all, I 
have a t1...what's a measily 500M ddb........."

And no, I'm not comparing whatever "small file" you sent to what's 
suggested in the the banter above, I'm just rephrasing that old "give-'em 
an inch" phrase...


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