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>Solder masks are treated like power planes in Protel. The same applies to
>paste masks. Anything you place on these "layers" shows up negativ on the
>board. Place a fill on a paste mask, and this area will not be covered by
>paste on the finished PCB.

Actually this is not correct - since paste is a negative layer anything 
placed on this layer will make a hole in the paste mask.

Suggestion: I have had use for a Negative Object. That is one that when 
placed on a PCB or within a footprint causes the opposite effect for that 
layer. A negative object on a normal layer would take away a chunk of 
copper and on a negative layer would add back a chunk of whatever (mask, 
plane, paste mask). I would be nice if this was a attribute of an entity 
and so any entity could be a negative object.  I know this may be 
non-trivial to implement and I know it may make DRC very much harder but in 
the past Protel have quite a reasonable record of taking our suggestions 
and filtering them into something workable for them and useable for 
us.  One use for this object would be to prevent isolation of small plane 
sections by a ring of nearby plane blowouts intersecting.

Any one else got a use for something like this?

(Some of you may be wondering why I am adding the suggestion stuff to the 
subject.  Rob Malos is compiling a list of desired improvements.  In order 
to make his life easy I am marking the subject accordingly and making the 
suggestion(s) clear.)

Ian Wilson

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