> At 03:32 PM 4/6/01 +1000, Geoff Harland wrote:
> >That is all very well, but text information is lost when you create
> >files and then import them back into Protel again (on a different layer);
> >each letter within each string gets converted into strokes (within the
> >Gerber files), and as such, gets converted into "non-text" material. If I
> >were to then create Acrobat files from such a PCB file, other users would
> >not be able to search for R104 (say) on the Assembly drawing page(s)
> >using Acrobat's (text) searching feature
> This is correct. If you want more than graphics, the gerber import method
> use would be less than satisfactory.
> However, this is a case where it would not be difficult to write a server
> or utility that would place text strings as needed on the mech layer of
> choice, from the relevant overlay layer.
> Abdulrahman Lomax

Food for thought. I reported the problem concerning the usage of Windows
fonts (to both Protel and this forum) before SP6 was released, and had hopes
that this problem would be rectified by SP6. (Regrettably, that was not the

An optimistic interpretation would be that my report occurred too late in
the piece for Protel to rectify the associated problem in SP6, but that this
will be rectified in SP7. However, if for whatever reason this is *not*
rectifed in SP7 (such as Protel not regarding this problem of being of
sufficient seriousness to rectify, for instance), then the longer it takes
for me to create a suitable process in an addon server, the longer I will
have to keep on mirroring PCBs in order to produce top side Assembly
Drawings of a satisfactory nature.

So at the risk of spending some time on a process which might not be
required after SP7 is released, I will at least consider creating something
which will create a mirrored image of the Top Overlay layer (and the pads on
the Top signal and MultiLayer layers) on one (or two?) of the Mechanical
layers. Such a process would also allow me to create both the Top side
Assembly Drawing and the Bottom side Assembly Drawing in one hit (and if I
so wanted, on the *same* page rather than on separate pages). It shouldn't
take an undue amount of time to write the associated code...

Would such a process be of interest to you, or other users, as well? (You
could avoid the requirement of having to generate Gerber files and then
importing them back onto one or more Mechanical layers.) If I have reason to
believe that other users would also be interested in this capability (even
if it is used for other reasons), I would be more motivated to put the
required time in.

Geoff Harland.
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