At 12:49 PM 4/9/01 +1000, Geoff Harland wrote:

>Would such a process be of interest to you, or other users, as well? (You
>could avoid the requirement of having to generate Gerber files and then
>importing them back onto one or more Mechanical layers.) If I have reason to
>believe that other users would also be interested in this capability (even
>if it is used for other reasons), I would be more motivated to put the
>required time in.

There are two desireable utilities, really.
(1) Make a fabrication drawing: create drill symbols and a drill chart on a 
specified layer.
(2) Make an assembly drawing: take a layer, mirrored or not mirrored, and 
copy it to a specified layer.

We've been discussing item 2. A top or bottom overlay, plus a top or bottom 
padmaster, usually will make a pretty good basic assembly drawing; one adds 
format and notes, etc.

right now, I do this with gerber exports and imports as described, to 
compile an assembly drawing that is on a single mech layer for both sides 
of the board. This is typically combined with a drawing format layer. But, 
as noted, the text portions have been reduced to draws; it can be a pain to 
repair such a drawing. (Actually, it is not as bad as it seems. If there is 
much to be changed, I just erase the board portion of the layer and do the 
process over; if a little, some lines can be deleted and replaced with text 
as needed).

The fabrication drawing problem is similar.

The existing tools work, but it could be a smoother process, and being 
unable to see the drill chart in the PCB editor is a general nuisance. I 
can understand why they did it, though.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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