> There are two desireable utilities, really.
> (1) Make a fabrication drawing: create drill symbols and a drill chart on
> specified layer.
> (2) Make an assembly drawing: take a layer, mirrored or not mirrored, and
> copy it to a specified layer.
> We've been discussing item 2. A top or bottom overlay, plus a top or
> padmaster, usually will make a pretty good basic assembly drawing; one
> format and notes, etc.
> The existing tools work, but it could be a smoother process, and being
> unable to see the drill chart in the PCB editor is a general nuisance. I
> can understand why they did it, though.
> Abdulrahman Lomax

While the initial idea was to facilitate creating Assembly Drawings, "layer
imaging" could certainly be generalised to support copying/imaging any
source layer to any destination layer, and with optional mirroring (and an
optional offset, especially when mirroring is *not* selected, but arguably
also relevant even when mirroring *is* selected); in other words, item 2

A case could probably also be made for being able to qualify which
primitives on the source layer get to be imaged to the destination layer,
such as arcs, fills, ... , polygons, component Designator strings, etc. That
suggests a dialog box with similarities to the one provided for configuring
layers (within Printout definitions) in the PCB Power Print Server. (My
preference would be for additionally providing support for parameters so
that users could then avoid having to invoke that dialog box, should they so

I confess to having mused about item 1 above, or functionality of a similar
nature, from time to time. In particular, my vision has been of creating
full circle-arcs on a particular layer whose locations and diameters match
all holes in the PCB file; i.e. such a full-circle arc for each (and every)
hole. A printout from such a layer would differ from printouts from Drill
Drawing and Drill Guide layers, but still be similar, in the sense that it
would also document holes in the PCB file. But while the Power Print Server
does provide enhanced capabilities as far as printouts in general are
concerned, perhaps there is something to be said for users being able to
acquire yet more capability when it comes to creating customised printouts
that document holes/drilling information. So I will also give some thought
to the idea of adding assorted types of primitves to a particular layer to
document such details (and of being able to update such information when so

It is also fair enough to say that highly-polished products would not
necessarily be released "first-time". But certainly these could evolve as
users acquire experience in using these...

Geoff Harland.
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