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At 09:07 AM 4/6/01 -0700, Peter Bennett wrote:

>Those are the idiotic "rooms" that are supposed to be an aid to parts

As I recall, we are the "idiots" who asked for this feature. Just because
one does not need the feature in one's own work doesn't mean that it is

The room concept is broader than the aid-to-parts-placement purpose, but,
for now, it is great that there is a tool which can be used to
automatically place parts in blocks according to schematic page.

Schematics, especially well-drawn ones, quite frequently are organized in
such a way that associating the parts on them is very helpful in placement.
This is why we asked for this tool.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

Dear Mr. Lomax,

thank you for your explanation of the intention of this feature. I too was
wondering what this was supposed to be good for, as it only messes up my
PCBs if I don`t uncheck the box in "update PCB". I can well understand that
some circuits, especially analogue ones with lots of discrete components,
can make good use of this feature if drawn in the way you describe.

Possibly Mr. Bennett does designs like I do, with a number of IC's with
high pin count or several different gates, which cannot be placed on one
sheet of the schematic, if you want to keep it readable. I, for instance,
devide high pin count components into different function "parts" in the
library (e.g. 1st part PCI bus interface, 2nd part local bus interface, 3rd
part control/port/or other signals, 4th part power supply pins). This is a
handy way of building functional blocks within a schematic, but, as
different parts of the components are placed on different sheets of the
schematic, the "rooms" feature makes no sense any more for this kind of


Gisbert Auge
N.A.T. GmbH

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