At 02:31 PM 3/26/01 -0800, Daniel Webster wrote:

>Does anyone have a  Protel 98 package (with license) they would be willing
>sell ?

FYI, there is a mailing list devoted to Protel license resales, a place 
where buyers and sellers may post notices. Since it is web accessible and 
is indexed by and I presume others, there appears to be a 
substantial readership beyond the modest number of subscriptions. I do know 
I get inquiries from it.

One may join the list by sending a piece of mail to


and acknowledging the return mail. The archive of the list is available on

I've been advertising for used Protel licenses, older or newer, without 
much response. The regular price of Protel 99SE is $5995, while the upgrade 
from P98 is $1495 as I recall. One might think that this would establish a 
used value of about $4500, not much less than what was paid for the license 
in the first place, but that is really only the value to a user who already 
owns it and wants to upgrade.

It is difficult to sell used P99SE licenses for much more than $4000 
because people want a bargain when they buy something "used," even though a 
used license is exactly the same as a new one, they don't wear out! -- and 
Protel honors license transfers, unlike many CAD companies.

This situation depresses the resale value of older licenses.

On the other hand, it is difficult to find used licenses for sale. I've 
made announcements with no response. I just bought a v. 3 license from 
England for $750, but I'd been corresponding with the seller for more than 
six months; I haven't seen any recent offers. I'll use that license for 
upgrade and sell it as 99SE to someone else.

It appears that most users who have older licenses would rather keep them. 
Makes sense to me....

If anyone has a P98 license they would like to sell, today I'd offer $1750 
for it; but that is a wholesale price, basically, and assumes that the 
license will be upgraded to 99SE. It allows me a healthy margin. One might 
do better selling it to another user directly; so consider that price as a 
floor at this time; don't take less than that.

Note that Protel's announced position is that an upgraded license is no 
longer valid; it cannot be sold separately from the newer version obtained 
through it.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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