Do you happen to know what the name of Protel's Library Mapping File (LMF)
I asked Protel support last summer, and never got a response.
It could be helpful for importing a Protel EDIF netlist into other programs?

Otherwise, I'll have to recreate the design in the software I choose.

Any known egroups for Xilinx or Altera Software?

Thanks Jon, Ron, & Rich for all your helpful info,


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Nicholas Piccinich wrote:

> Jon & Ron,
> The Xilinx representative said it was not possible to import an EDIF
> unless I used device specific architecture of the target device,
> which I did not do.

I imported a Xilinx 3000 library. which seems to be structurally the same as
the Spartan (XCS) gate arrays.  I think I got these from Protel Adv Sch
for Windows, which was the last Protel version that had internal schematics
for the parts.  Unfortunately, they were automatically translated from
somebody else's schematics, and the translation had systematic errors,
namely the omission of some junction dots, which left most of the FFs
unclocked.  I fixed the parts I was using, and then hit the bad EDIF format

> I am going to make modules in Foundation of the parts I used in the Protel
> design to see if it helps import the netlist.
> Did you try this or think it would work?

I doubt it will work, as the EDIF file is rejected with syntax errors.
I looked at the file produced by Protel, and though I am no expert on
EDIF, I believe it DID have errors that violate the spec of the language.
I sent a report to Protel almost a year ago, and got no response.

> Are you using Foundation ISE or 3.1i?  Does ISE support ABEL-HDL?

I was using Foundation 2.1i at the time.


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