Ian,I signed up with yahoogroups and protel users. The last entry in the bug
list seems to be one about 'arc 0 to 0 behavior'. I am unable to find your
entry about legend string. Can you or anyone help me out here?

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On 10:41 AM 26/04/2001 -0400, Susan Scott said:

>Thanks to Mike Crist and particularly Mike Reagan for responses to my plea.
>Mike Reagan and I had an off line email and phone exchange which in the end
>proved that the problem is a bug which has occured since the Service Pack 6
>To summarize:
>Using SE99 SP5 I was able to print (Protel print/preview) all layers,
>including the drill drawing layer with its graphic symbols and number of
>holes, checking the 'whole board on page' option and get all layers to fill
>the page (8.5x11) and be the same size.
>Since SP6 when I printed the drill drawing layer it was shoved to the lower
>left corner of the page and was smaller than the other layers. All options
>were the same as before. Nothing I did would change its size except erasing
>the legend string in the PCB, updating the print/preview and printing
>Of course then the drill table didn't show and thus rendering the print
>It's definately a bug but not the end of the world. I just print it out of
>Camtastic or AutoCAD. Oh well.

This has been added to the bug database accessible at:

Susan - can you please check that I have captured the essence of the bug 

(at least for members - dunno about non-members).  A good suggestion has 
been made to add a URL to the database linking to the discussion thread 
that raised the bug issue.  We can do this on the Protel Users yahoogroup 
mailing list due to the web accessible archive with fixed URLs for stored 
messages.  We are still waiting for a web accessible archive for this 
list....  The list owner or administrator may care to update us on progress.

Ian Wilson

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