I use Protel, here is the forum email address
If you can find out anything you need from layout problems to bug's. You
will also get a faster response to your question then if you went to Protel
        As for the set up for doing a ball grid in Protel, Do your fan out
in the library and place the vias as well (if you plan to use the auto
router, sometimes the tracks you lock have a tendency to move) Protel has a
hard time with arcs as well. As for Spectra there are a few problems with
importing the design when you have blind and buried vias. The forum archive
can help you on that.
        If you use a lot of design rules have a lot of memory handy Protel
will chew it up like a sumo wrestler at an all you can eat buffet.
        If you have any questions you can e-mail me and I will try to help
all I can, but your best bet is to jump on the forum. 


Ted T

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some of the design rules export ok, others don't. Vias do, as for my
experience. They don't translate back to Protel without problem, though, so
you have to check and apply some glpbal changes to them after reimport,
before you can do manual changes or ERC. So, I agree, it takes some pages
of .do-file to write to be successful. But, when talking about SPECCTRA,
did you find an alternative similarly mighty? I would appreciate to find
one, as we need to upgrade our SPECCTRA license just now and their prices
are extreme.



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