On 01:36 PM 4/04/2001 +0100, Coleman, Tim said:
>Hi Folks,
>Why is it that when I create a template with a company logo graphic and use
>it for a schematic and then, when I send the databas to another person, the
>graphic image is no longer on the schematic? I have loaded a copy of the
>graphic image into the DB but I can't make the browser point at stuff inside
>the DB, only outside it.

Looks like graphics were forgotten when the DDB implementation was being 
worked thorough.

Solution of sorts: the graphics entity supports relative (as in 
.\mypicture.bmp) or full paths.  Full paths are not really useful when you 
send the of to someone else.  As far as I know all you can do it copy the 
graphic to the local directory of the project and then use a relative path, 
or no path at all, to refer to the graphic.  The graphic will need to be 
included with the DDB file when you send it off.

When you browse for a graphic the full path is inserted in the File Name 
edit box.  Double click the graphic (in your template .DOT) and manually 
edit the file name to be either an appropriate relative path or a simply 
the file name and no path.  Save your template and then copy the graphic 
file into the same folder as the DDB and also make sure you send the 
graphic with the DDB.

Suggestion: (Protel please read) With the DDB this feature - linking to 
external graphic files - needs a little more thought.  What would be nice I 
think is that when an external graphic file is referenced (either by 
placing a graphic on the SCH) or automagically by setting a Sch template to 
a .DOT that includes a graphic, the user should be prompted to copy that 
graphic into the DDB and the appropriate graphic reference updated to the 
local copy (that within the DDB).  There is an issue with this concept in 
that the original copy of the graphic may be changed all those copies 
inside DDBs are not updated.  Including a right-click option within the 
Design Explorer to allow updating of such files could go someway to helping 
this - either by storing within the DDB the original path or by a new 
Import-and-Overwrite option (though the deleting and importing is possibly 

Clearly the DOTs and SCHs should be able to reference and use (that is 
strip the OLE headers) graphic images embedded in DDB files.

Technical note:
As part of a test I imported a BMP and a WMF file into a DDB and then tried 
inserting the full DDB access path
  D>MSACCESS:$RP>e:\a_PCB$RN>MyDesign.....etc (details not shown)
into the File Name edit box.  The graphic image shows an error message 
"image file not supported" rather than "file not found".  if I change the 
name to a non-existing file it shows the error "file not found". So it can 
find the graphic embedded in the DDB but it can't use the OLE wrapped file 
- maybe.

This is a pain.  Protel should correct this oversight and come up with a 
sensible method of distributing graphics embedded in the DOTs and SCHs.

Ian Wilson

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