This was addressed a couple of weeks ago, and its taken this long to get my
IT dept to look at it. I remember that USB interrupts were one of the causes
which I suggested to the IT people. Unfortunately, I am using a Dell
Optiplex GX1 P3-450 384M RAM, on-board video and Windows NT 4.0. There is no
option in the bios to disable the USB port and Windoze NT does not even
support USB. I have been experiencing the delays which are becoming
increasingly annoying. I have a standard MS ergo mouse with scroll wheel.
Any ideas......

Lloyd Good
Engineering Systems Co-ordinator

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On 04:39 PM 18/07/2001 -0500, Robison Michael R CNIN said:
>thanks peter,
>hmm... i've got an idea now.  i went to tools/preferences/display/
>and selected single layer mode and went thru the various layers
>and the mechanical4 is the only layer which displayed the army-
>green board outline.  i'm gonna venture a (dangerous) guess that if
>i put the hole outline on this layer that it would be noted as a hole.
>any general consent on that?
>thanks again, miker

If you label it as a slot and add appropriate info in the manufacturing 
notes then this should work fine.  It is basically what I do.  I would 
typically dimension and add start and end coords of the slot (on a 
different mech layer).  The PCB maker has to interpret what the details on 
the Mech layers mean.  If you add appropriate strings and coords and 
dimension you can easily make it clear what is required.

Basically there is no method, in Protel at least, to convey any sort of 
slot.  You basically use the non-electrical (usually mech or drill drw 
layers) to specify the slot and then add info in manufacturing details.  If 
it is complex you then ring the PCB maker to make sure the understand 
exactly.  I have done one board with a mix of complex outline routes, large 
routed holes, routed slots and a few controlled depth routs (not right 
through the PCB).  I used a series of hatch patterns to discriminate full 
depth routs from the controlled-z routs and labelled it all on a different 
mech layer.  Board came through without fault.  I have never had a slot 
routing error.

BTW - Mike, either you are not doing many PCBs or you are much more 
comfortable with Protel and PCB manufacture in general.  I recall you 
thinking not so long ago, when you started in this game, that it was all a 
bit of a nightmare.  Congratulations.

Ian Wilson

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