On 11:08 AM 18/07/2001 -0700, Dennis Saputelli said:
>I just got burned again on something I knew but forgot
>re SP6 (and earlier)
>Things get screwy if you move a ddb to a different directory or copy to
>a new filename, etc.
>In my case I moved L146A.DDB to a new sub.
>Later I rev'd the schematic, made a new netlist, stepped the pcb to PCB3
>(from PCB2)
>went to load the netlist and the OLD netlist loaded (there is only one
>file so it must have been the 'internal' one)
>the whole PROTEL window popped over to another app and then came back
>with TWO DDBs open in the design explorer
>both called L146A.DDB
>I checked and there is only one such file on the drive
>the second DDB in the tree had all the old files and the other one had
>the new files
>went to the drop list to select the desired net and it showed TWO L146A
>as source DDBs
>tried to load the new external netlist but it kept loading the old one
>even though it nominally didn't exist since I had overwritten it
>(there was only one net file, I didn't step the name)
>in the meanwhile protel kept jumping to other apps then back with the
>second dupe DDB even after I closed it
>eventually the problem went away but I have no idea why
>obviously there is an internal reference to the exact path of the DDB
>and if that changes it is not happy at all
>I would suggest until they fix this stupid mess that instead of moving
>or copying DDB's always create a fresh one in the desired location and
>drag the files into that from the other one
>Dennis Saputelli


Further to the above.  I almost always use the Synch and so do others 
working on the same DDBs.  We routinely copy (MS-Access) DDBs about - from 
machine to machine, completely changing paths etc, but we do not see this 
issue. This is not to say there is not an issue but I am wondering if it is:
a) something to do with your setup?
b) something to do with the use of the netlist? (As opposed to our use of 
the synch.)
c) we use MS-Access format exclusively - what storage are you using?

(I seem to be on a synchronizer bandwagon at the moment - really, people, I 
promise I am not emotionally attached to it.)

Ian Wilson

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