I am using SP6, as are most of the users who access the library database
that I control.

It would seem, as I mentioned in an earlier message, that a .ldb file is
being created, with admin status, for any person editing a PCB, with the
library added.

These people have not got the actual database open.

Under these circumstances, I can edit and save, but the compact utility
does not function, and the database quickly expands in size.

Only once the .ldb file has disappeared, can I compact the database.


"Andrew J Jenkins" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 07/08/2001 12:10:18

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Subject:  Re: [PEDA] Database size

On 09:50 AM 8/7/2001 +0200, Emanuel Zimmermann wrote:
>This can happen when (occasionly for whatever reason) the temporary
>database.ldb-file is not deleted. Then you are logged in to the database
>times with the same user name on the same machine. This prevents Protel
>compacting when you are closing the ddb because your "Phantom" still has
>it. With earlier service packs I could see this effect several times and
had to
>help myself sometimes by manually delete the database.ldb-file in the

If what you're saying is correct, this presents a very dangerous situation,
wrt a PEDA customer's data integrity/security, and it wouldn't surprise me
at all if this were eventually found to be at least one of the sources of
the database "corruptions" that comes up now and again.

Unfortunately, due to the "occasionally for whatever reason" problem, it'd
be pretty hard to test/isolate the problem as a group...:(

>Knock on wood, since service pack 4 or 5 I can't remember to have seen

That brings to mind a good question for Michael Binning...

Mike, What version service pack is installed on your system? If it's v6,
then Protel still has an important issue to clean up, especially if, as was
implied in Emanuel's reply, the problem stems from an unknown and
unexpected initiation of duplicate entrance(s) into the ddb from a single


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