I don't ever use the SI tools myself but this sounds similar to the
other problems which I mentioned. If it is time to go for lunch, start the
process and let it go. Don't worry about anything for at least 40 - 45
minutes. I believe, although I may be completely off base, that even if Task
Manager reported that a program is not responding it may only be because the
program is not reacting to the OS calls, it is still actually running it's
code (as errant as that may be). I have seen the not responding message with
Protel numerous times, 20 or 30 minutes later the process finishes and
everything is fine.
        The short of the story is this, Protel has poor and inefficient
coding. There are some processes which appear for unknown reasons to simply
fail. The truth is closer to the fact that the code has run amuck internally
and Protel will typically revive itself after some long period of inactivity
and complete the process. It appears to be some sort of a loop which is
never closed until the system does some sort of a timeout on that process
and revives itself. That is my layman's explanation, I have seen it numerous
times with different processes.
        For example with my problem when gerbering large panelized designs.
The system reports 99% completion in less then two minutes but will sit
there for 30 minutes longer doing nothing. Finally the process completes and
everything is alright. If I repeat the process and then kill Protel after
approx. 3 minutes, all my files are generated and exported from the
database. Checking the gerber files I can find no missing data or errors, so
the process completed in the first few minutes but left to it's own Protel
takes another 30 minutes to report that the gerber were completed. Hope this
example helps to explain, I know it won't make you feel any better.

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> So I think what you are saying is that SI is choking. This is 
> pretty hard to believe, as the board is only 4 layers 116 
> connections, 92 components. And running on a 750 PIII with 
> 512MB. A full DRC only takes about 3 seconds. 
> BTW, I also tried Reports|Signal Integrity and got similar 
> results, except the mouse cursor changes to an hourglass 
> which at least lets me know that it started doing something. 
> After several minutes TaskMgr showed "not responding", so I killed it.

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