Andrew J Jenkins wrote:

>'s one for my guru friends to think about. Can one preset process 
>prioritization for tasks called to the NT/2k task manager, and are SI and other 
>Protel processes transparent enough to avail themselves to such manipulation? If so, 
>one might admittedly lose a bit of execution speed for the affected task, but gain in 
>still being able to use their PC, at least those who are hampered by a single-proc 
>system and have to experience these difficulties...

The NT/2K task manager lets you view and manipulate the CPU  allocation and task 
priority at the "process" level.  An application is typically a single process.  If 
you look at the task manager while running Protel, you will see an entry called 
Client99SE.exe.  If you right click on this you can set the process priority and CPU 
affinity (in systems with more than one CPU).  The Protel application is a single 

Within each process, there may be more than one executable "thread".  On systems with 
more than one CPU, the OS can assign different threads from a single process to 
different CPU's.  An application must be explicitly written to use multiple threads in 
order to benefit from multiple CPU's.
It appears that launching Protel 99SE creates about twelve different threads but all 
but one of them (the "main" thread) are normally in the "stopped" state.  I do not 
know what these particular threads are intended for but additional threads are 
created, executed and destroyed when various Protel processes are executed.
As far as I know, there is no way for a user to change the priority or CPU affinity 
for individual process threads using the standard OS user interface.  These parameters 
can certainly be altered programatically when each thread is created but this would 
have to be explicitly added by Protel programmers.

John Williams

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