Have you tried moving the files to the local drive, disconnecting the
network and logging in locally to the computer before running?

I've had tasks that were using a shared drive hang for extended periods
when the machine the share was on was turned off.

At least remove the libraries from your project if they are going to be
unavailable since from what I can tell Protel leaves them open whenever you
have the server (PCB) running.


"Andy Gulliver" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 08/08/2001 05:44:41 AM

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Subject:  [PEDA] Router crashes (P99SE/SP6)

I'm having a bit of bother with the autorouter [cue cries of 'and you're

Specifically, when I start it routing on a 3-4 hour job before heading home
at the end of the day there's a high probability of client99se.exe not
responding, with 100% CPU utilisation showing in Task Manager when I get in
next day.  All status/time messages are frozen, as is the whole of
Client99SE, and of course it doesn't even backup the .pcb during the hour
so it actually runs.

I'm running Protel (Proteum?) on a P3/800MHz with 384Mbyte RAM under
2000.  Two possible clues are (a) after about 6pm the PC in the office with
the shared directory containing our company Protel library files is shut
down and (b) my PC gets an auto update of Sophos antivirus from our central
server, this usually happens at least once overnight.  I'd guess that the
router doesn't need the libraries to be accessible, but the Sophos update
could be significant.

Can anyone shed any light on the cause (and hopefully fix for) this crash?


Andy Gulliver

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