Interesting, as I understand it Delphi has the GUI advantages of Visual
Basic with a Pascal back end. I suppose if I had used Pascal in the last 10
years it would be something to look into for the simple GUI-driven apps I
do in VB, except you comment on DLLs and OCXs leads me to believe it is
better to stick to VB. Many of the test equipment I need to control to test
boards provide a DLL or OCX control to interface and control them. If
Delphi has the same problems with OCXs that I saw in BCB, talking to the
Test equipment would be much more difficult than it would be in VB.

My programmer friend acknowledged that VB was quicker to do a simple GUI
than VC++, but found that he could do a better final application in VC++ in
not much longer time. I have seen places use VB for the prototype GUI than
pull that into VC++ for the final app, and this seems to work great since
you can quickly and easily modify the GUI to be sure it works for the
customer, then it can be imported to VC++ and a good object oriented app
put behind it. He got really annoyed at BCB, because it tried to do things
for him and didn't do a good job, so he had to go back and fix it instead
of doing it right himself.

Oh well enough off subject. Anyone have a good way to fix a design that has
1 driver to drive 8 DRAM or 64 DRAM (56 on the daughter board).  The
previous engineering group didn't buffer the signals on the optional memory
daughter board like they should have and now I have to make it work :-{


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