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I thought Delphi was Pascal Prettified.

You mean Delphi isn't Pascal? What is different and why is it so much
better than C++?

I've programmed in C, Assemblers, Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal and C++, and
I would take C++ over the others for a large program in a heartbeat. C and
assembler are good for embedded code on a microcontroller, and VB is great
for doing prototypes or test programs. The only thing I found Pascal good
for was what it was originally developed for, Teaching Programming. I did
watch a friend try to get Borlands C++ Builder to work properly with an OCX
he had worked on developing. It was so buggy when it came to importing DLLs
that he and the customer both regretted their decision to use C++ builder
instead of Visual C++.


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There is no way to come up to speed on such a project in another language
than delphi. Why are the competitiors blown to pieces, not because they
dummies, they used the wrong tools. The language must be efficient in
the IDE, meaning RAD has to be efficient. No C++, no nothing except delphi.

Ing.Buero R.Tschaggelar -

chris mackensen wrote:
> Perhaps another solution:  now, I am not saying that Protel should open
> code doors... we need to pay them money to give us tech support ;-)...
> however, they should do a complete rewrite (start a new project in the
> environment, from scratch, borrowing some known good code from old and
> current versions) and adopt some modern standards (like not using mutated
> pascal/Delphi :-).  That's my opinion... get rid of tinker toy Delphi...
> (but leave it as an extensibility option for those so inclined)...

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