They do not go away. I brought this up to Protel when they released SPK6,
that's when I noticed it. I would auto route a board and when finished hit
unroute and it would leave floaters in different spots across the board. At
first I thought it was just a fluke but I tried it again same thing, I also
thought it was happening in the same locations. To my surprise it wasn't, I
took a snap shot of the board and autorouted it again. When it was done I
unrouted it those little floaters popped up again but in different spots.


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Evan Scarborough wrote:

> I get these "naughty bits" too using the same process and I see them in
> Protel generated gerber files from other designers.
> It seems to me that the auto-router leaves extra line segments after
> "cleanup" (and it seems to be worse if the routing grid and the component
> pad spacing are different and worse still if the difference is not an even
> multiple of the grid or pad pitch). Since  the autorouter has "cleaned up"
> they are no longer linked to the routers part of the database so they no
> longer are subjects for the un-route process just like any other manually
> added copper.

HUH?  I don't think this is true (the not linked to the routed net in

I'm pretty sure they do go away if you do an unroute!  Next time I'm doing
an autoroute, I'll try to verify that.  But, I'm pretty sure they DO go away
after an unroute.  I know they ARE there after the autorouting.  I hit lots
of them when cleaning up.

> I wind up manually cleaning these up it would be nice for these to go

I wonder if there is a particular step in your work flow that causes them to
get 'un-linked'.


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