I like the idea of using a seperate (unused & no gerber) Cu layer for the
jumper connections and then converting the connection vias to pads
afterwards.   Sounds fast and easy to me.

The problem with the schematic symbol way is you have to split single nets
into two (or more) nets that the jumper connects.   This my prove awkward
in the schematic itself leading you to spend valuable time getting the
hookup right.   Furthermore, you are going to be tied into specific
footprints that will have to be created and modified as needed (a bit more
work)   The good part is you schematic would now carry the jumper detail
for future reference.

Good luck
Dave Lewis

"Buck Buchanan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 08/14/2001 12:58:57 PM

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To:    "Protel EDA Forum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Subject:  [PEDA] Adding jumpers to PCB w/o SCH symbol

Hi all,

Any opinions on the best way to add physical jumper wires to a layout
(in PCB) without adding a new symbol to the schematic or causing
synchronization weirdness?

I'd like to make a several PCB components that represent pre-made jumper
wires of varying lengths.  When one of these will solve a layout
problem, I'd like to just add it - likely having to manually assign its
pads to a given net.... I guess?  These parts would have two pads and a
silkscreen layer but (ideally) be invisible from the schematic side of
things and NOT cause sync problems with the schematic.

I searched the knowledge base and didn't find anyting.  Toggling layers
during route to automatically add a via is not really the solve I'm
looking for (although I thought of using an additional layer for just
"jumper traces" and not including that layer in the Gerbers...).  If it
turns out that this can't be done (cleanly) without a SCH symbol, then
so be it.  But I thought I'd ask first.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much!

Buck (running 99SE SP6)

P.S. Is there an archive for this group?

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