Try just selecting the ddb that the library is in and adding it.

I suspect that your changing the file type to lib  is causing it to list
the backup .lib file stored in the windows files system, where the original
lib is stored in the ddb file. When you select the ddb file it will add all
the libraries in that ddb.


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Subject:  [PEDA] can't add component library access ??


its been a while since i built a component library and it was kinda
tricky the first time so i just kept adding to the same lib and using
it for all my jobs.  now i've come to where i need to create a new
library and i'm having some trouble.  i created the library with no
problem:  file/new/ and selected the schematic library icon.  but
when i go back to my schematic, select the browse sch tab and hit
add/remove and browse down in the "change library file list" dialog
box to the ddb that my new lib was created in, and change the file
type to lib, i only get a listing for the BACKUP of tmod.lib.

thats not right, is it?  on a hunch, i closed the tmod.lib that i created
and tried again, thinking that maybe it couldn't access an open file,
but that didn't change anything.

why is it that the "change library" dialog only wants to offer me a
backup of the tmod.lib and not the lib itself?  what am i doing wrong?

thanks, miker

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