> I just noticed that the support section of the Protel www site no longer
> has the really useful "What's New" feature.  From what I could see there
> no way of browsing the KB items in reverse date order.  Maybe I am just
> missing it???
> Does anyone else want the feature back?  It was the most useful method of
> keeping up with what bugs have been reported and work-arounds developed by
> Protel.  Anyone else prepared to help kick up enough of a stink to get the
> function put back in.
> I did try a few things to see if I could get the search engine to simulate
> the browse all in reverse date order - but no luck for me.
> Ian Wilson

I have also noticed that the "What's New" feature has gone, and I concur
that the provision of this was very useful.

One thing that could possibly be tried is to enter an Item Number in the
area indicated; at present, Item 2400 exists, but not Item 2500. (So the
next item to try would be 2450, etc.) But that is still not as good as the
"What's New" feature, as previously released Items can be updated on
occasions (and unless you are otherwise alerted, there is no way of knowing
when this happens).

Another way of approximating the "What's New" feature is to use the "Item
Updated" field; there are options of "Anytime", "in the last 7 days", "in
the last month", "in the last 6 months", and "in the last year". (At
present, no matches for the last week, and 264 matches for the last month.)

I guess this represents the updated form of this feature, but if so, there
should be more options to choose from, e.g. last fortnight, last 2 months,
etc. Or better yet, all items updated since an user-indicated date.

Geoff Harland.
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