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>>Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 05:09:51 Central Daylight Time
>>To: "proteledaforum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>Be advise, Igor Kudryashov and me (all persons who sold EDA software via 
>>Rodnik Software,
>>Moscow Russia) are leaving Rodnik Software company and begin to work
>>for ElectronTrade (Moscow, Russia) company and sell EDA software there.
>>ElectronTrade company  was founded for supplying technological equipment, 
>>EDA software,
>>components and etc. to ex-USSR electronic industry especially. This 
>>company is working with
>>electronic enterprises very closely and gets a lot of states orders. We 
>>are sure that in this
>>company our deal for promoting EDA software will be more successful than 
>>in Rodnik Software
>>because ElectronTrade is working with electronic industry especially. We 
>>are strong interested in
>>promoting your software as earlier because we are sure we can do it.
>>Be advise we will support all our current users as earlier because only we 
>>have enough skills to
>>do this one all users will get an experienced support as earlier. At this 
>>moment Rodnik Software has
>>no one other person (besides us) who can does this one.
>>Please, send me all your e-mails: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>>Igor's e-mail is [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>>Our web site is under construction and coming soon.
>>Best regards,
>>Yuri V. Potapoff
>>Technical Director
>>ElectronTrade, Ltd.
>>8 Ukrainsky boul., Moscow, 121059, Russia
>>Tel:     +7-(095)-243-72-50
>>Fax:     +7-(095)-243-44-16
>>Posted from Association web site by: Yuri Potapoff

Dear Forum Administrator!

My message is very meet the forum guidelines.

Kudryashov and Potapoff are only people to really working for Protel
(sorry, Altium) in Russia. Now we have left Rodnik Software to rise
selling of Altium products.

In particular we have translated whole documentation to Russian, have
developped a lot of third-party programms for Protel, P-CAD and etc.

Now Altium is mading the choice who will sell and SUPPORT (more
important) its products in Russia. Rodnik is very serious company but it sells
compuners. EDA software was always concomitant products for Rodnik. Only we
were pushing Protel here.

But our new company called ElectronTrade was created specially to push
EDA software to Russian market. This is our MAIN guideline.

We don't sure what Rodnik will not cover our names in mud.

So I have sent this message to your forum because a lot of subscribers in
Russia and other countries will get and read it.


Best regards,
Yuri V. Potapoff
Technical Director
ElectronTrade, Ltd.
8 Ukrainsky boul., Moscow, 121059, Russia
Tel:     +7-(095)-243-72-50
Fax:     +7-(095)-243-44-16

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