On 03:37 PM 13/09/2001 -0700, Brad Velander said:
>Thanks guys,
>         for confirming it is not a singular isolated problem (based on
>response only). It is an annoying little problem which limits the
>effectiveness of using Mech layers 5 - 16. I had thought it was a code
>problem because it was consistent across a number of machines, video cards
>and had always been present since we switched to P99SE with only the new
>mech layers being effected.
>Anybody out there have any ideas to fix or root out the cause of this
>Has anybody brought this up with Protel Tech support, what was their

I do not see the problem.  I have just been investigating and found a 
different small bug that may affect database stability (but not badly I 

First, my config Win2k, nVidia TNT2 graphics.

I tried quite a few combinations of single layer mode (both locally for the 
layers and globally and other options and preferences as I thought may 
affect it.  I could not see the problem.

What we do not know is if it is a database issue, a configuration issue or 
a machine issue.  If someone wants to email a file that shows the problem 
*and* their RCS and *99SE.INI files (all zipped of course) I am prepared to 
have a quick go and see what gives.

On to the (minor) bug - In doing the testing I enabled layers Mech 7 to 10, 
I then placed a bunch of tracks on Mech 9 and 10.  I then double clicked 
one of the Mech 9 tracks and changed its layer to Mech 7 (there were no 
other entities on Mech 7).  In Design|Mechanical Layers... found that I was 
still able to Mech 7 off, even though it had a track on it.  The database 
had not correctly determined that there was an entity on the layer and so 
allowed me to disable Mech 7.  Interestingly though, the track was still 
visible and its colour remained correct for Mech 7. Double clicking this 
track showed that the system though it was on Top Layer (possibly just 
picking the lowest indexed enabled layer to display in the Edit Track layer 
edit box).  Re-enabling Mech Layer 7 seemed to get everything sorted out 
OK.  I did not try saving and re-opening the PCB file or the DDB.  Tech 
support can do this (they have been CC'ed on this mail).  The fix is 
presumably to improve the ability to check for entities on a layer before 
allowing that layer to be disabled.

Ian Wilson

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