I am no expert on test points, but I have added them to existing
boards. I have found that the test point grid has to match the via grid. Try
setting the grid to .001 mil and see if it works, you should get more test
points to show up. As for the auto router and the test points I have no



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To all,

I have a oddly shaped small PCB (approx 55mm by 54mm in size). I have
designed the PCB in Advanced PCB 2.8 because of technical problems I have
encountered with Protel Design Explorer "PDE" PCB package (keyboard locking
related to my Microsoft mouse, now resolved by disabling the wheel in

For volume production reasons I have a need to use the test-point features
of PDE to insert testpoints and then hopefully back annotate the resulting
test points into my schematic data base, and produce a test point report for
test fixture tooling.

I have manually placed all components and routed using a snap grid of .1mm.
PCB is targetted for a 3mil/3mil clearances bewtween different nets.

I have beed unsuccesful in getting the "Find Test Point: feature to find any
of my 25mil/13.5mil hole vias as test points. After working with Protel's
tech support for many emails, they said it is out of the scope of their
abilities to resolve.

Also the Autorouter places test point unders components even though the
check box is unchecked. I believe Protel tech support says this function
does not work in the auto-router.

Any info or direction to help me understand if theres a solution using
Protel would be of much assistance.

Chris Dopp
Vista Imaging, Inc.
521 Taylor Way
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 802-9685 tel
(650) 802-0322 fax

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