Will the latest version pull in a PCAD binary file?

My current problem is we have the old PCAD binary file, but no machine
running the old PCAD, and the old file would take a week to pull in  to the
new PCAD and check . Since the board house lost the program for the flying
probe tester, I'd rather make them upgrade their software than have to go
back and try to regenerate a PDIF file.

In the future we intend to supply  IPC-D-356A files unless we really have
to supply the PCB file.



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Yes very familiar with Genrad.
Unless you have the latest version which includes the new Protel file
convertor, you need to export your Protel PCB file out in Version 2.8 ASCII
format. Then Genrad has a program convertor called Alchemist which converts
to GenCad.cad files.
Hope that helps

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Subject: [PEDA] Anyone heard of a GENCAD.CAD file?

Our board house is asking for a GENCAD.CAD file for their flying probe
tester which I believe is made by GenRad.

Has anyone ever heard of this format?

Is this actually a format that Protel will produce, but named wrong?

GenRads web site is less than usefull since anything that might have
information in it is login protected.

The current board that is at issue was done in an OLD version of PCAD which
we don't have running and PCAD 2001 doesn't like the design because the
people who did it thought they were clever and combined power planes and
signal layers in a painful way. So we can't generate the GENCAD.CAD file
for them or the PDIF file they say they could also take. Of course if they
hadn't lost the program they did a year and half ago for this board they
wouldn't have this problem.



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