Ian Martin Limited

Are you a Hardware Developer and looking to work in Canada?

You are an innovative hardware electronic developer that will design
products for electric utility system automation. Your mature outlook will
ensure success as you champion the product from initial concept to
manufacture to on-going support, including development of design, test and
manufacturing documents.  

Outline of duties:

        *       Participate in the development of the functional, electrical
and environmental technical requirements in conjunction with the product
manager from a product specification;
        *       Design product as specified by the requirements;
        *       Parts research and sourcing;
        *       Schematics capture, PCB layout and prototyping;
        *       Board modifications and/or assistance with prototype run
        *       Test and verify (functionally, environmentally and
electrically) that the product specification has been achieved; 
        *       Participate in compliance and type tests for new and
existing family of products;
        *       Create documentation for all of the above for release to the
ECN process; 
        *       Ensure cost-effective and manufacturable products;
        *       Responsible for accuracy of implementation and timeliness of
delivered assignments;
        *       Provide guidance to junior level hardware engineers and
        *       Provide technical hardware support to other members of the
development organization including software team members;
        *       Provide hardware support to existing family of products.

Education, skills and experience:

A university degree or technical college degree in electrical engineering
with a minimum of three to five years of hardware development experience is
required, in addition to the following:

        *       Electronic schematic capture and PCB layout experience
coupled with proficiency in other CAD tools (e.g. Protel, mechanical CAD
tools, simulation tools).
        *       Good working knowledge and understanding of analog and
digital electronics. 
        *       Good understanding of design with micro-controllers with
emphasis on 16 and 32 bit architectures;
        *       Fluent in using PC and Windows based software applications
(e.g. office tools, drawing tools, etc.). 
        *       Proficiency in instrumentation and electrical test and
measurement is expected. 
        *       Familiarity with international safety standards, EMI
standards and harsh industrial environment standards is an asset.
        *       Digital design experience with EPLDs, CPLDs, FPGAs would be
an asset;
        *       Well-developed problem solving skills;
        *       Effective communication skills both written and oral;
        *       Ability to work in an independent manner utilizing sound
judgment to make decisions;
        *       Must be a team player.

If you are interested in applying for this position please go to
www.ianmartin.com <http://www.ianmartin.com> and apply to job# 01-0965 or
call Phil or Christina toll free 866-685-1400.

This is a paid advertisement by Ian Martin Limited

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