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Hello all,

I am new to Protel (currently using the trial version) and have a few

I have created a 4 layer (2 signal and 2 plane) board with one of the IBMAT
bus templates.   My first concern was that I couldn't find any schematic
symbols that matched the footprint pin outs used in the template.  No
problem, I created my own schematic symbol.  But, is there a library that
actually matches to the templates provided?  It seems rather odd that Protel
would provide board templates that use footprint modules that don't match
any of the provided schematic symbols.

For the board layout I have split the ground plane into two separate
grounds, and the power plane into 4 separate powers.  When I run the DRC I
am getting two internal plane warnings and one rule violation.
I have pasted as excerpt of the report here.  Split Power is the name of my
power plane and GND is the name of my split ground plane.
Internal Plane Warnings:
        Split Planes  intersecting board outline:
                Split Power

Processing Rule : Broken net constraint
        Violation       Net: GND
                Warning - Connection to overlapping split planes

I cannot find where my split power plane intersects with the board outline.
However, it does intersect (actually overlap) with my keepout layer.  I
thought that it might be that the board outline of the template, is not
closed at the edge connector location. But if so, then why is there not a
problem with my GND layer.  It is also split with two GND's.  Should I close
the board outline at this location?  Why would it be left open on the

What is a connection to an overlapping split plane? My GND plane is split
but there it only two different nets.  I guess that they are overlapping but
that is how the manual indicates that a split plane is created.  There is no
split plane within a split plane.

Thanks in advance for any help to clear up my confusion.


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