On 10:39 AM 26/10/2001 -0600, SHAWN said:
>Hi All:
>Is there a way that I can share my custom tool bars, easily -- say a file 
>that I can throw on a disk. Furthermore, if there is, would anyone have a 
>unique custom bar that they would like to share. They really speed up the 
>Thanks, Shawn


Menu and other customizations are stored in the various .RCS files that you 
will find in your Windows install directory.  Things like 
client99se.rcs.  These are text files - open them and look at the format.

They are not really shareable unless you want to send *all* your settings 
for that particular server - unless the receiver is prepared to do some cut 
and pasting.

There is another method that looks interesting that allows extra menus and 
other resources to be added using INS files to allow others to install your 
special customizations much like they are installing a new server.

Yuri Potapoff kindly alerted us to the technique and prepared a long 
detailed article on this method in three messages with the subject lines 
"Creating Menus - part 1", "Creating Menus - part 2", "Creating Menus - 
part 3" -  dated 17 Aug 2001.

You ought to be able to find them in one of the archives - ask if you need 
directions to the archives there are two (and a half) that I know of.  We 
are still waiting for Techserv's promised www-accessible archive.

On the subject of RCS/INI files I think Protel should consider making these 
profile friendly - that is moving them from the Window install folder and 
into some other folder that can also hook into the Windows logon.  The 
registry is the intended place for this under old versions of Windows but 
there is a move away from the registry in the programmers world due to the 
with the large binary nature.  I would *not* want the ini/rcs etc files 
made binary and stored in other than simple files.  But it would be nice if 
they were not stored in the windows folder, even one set of settings for 
all users but stored in a dedicated folder in the Design Explorer folder 
would be heaps better.  Any one with comments on this?

Ian Wilson

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