> Menu and other customizations are stored in the various .RCS files that
> will find in your Windows install directory.  Things like
> client99se.rcs.  These are text files - open them and look at the format.
> On the subject of RCS/INI files I think Protel should consider making
> profile friendly - that is moving them from the Window install folder and
> into some other folder that can also hook into the Windows logon.  The
> registry is the intended place for this under old versions of Windows but
> there is a move away from the registry in the programmers world due to the
> with the large binary nature.  I would *not* want the ini/rcs etc files
> made binary and stored in other than simple files.  But it would be nice
> they were not stored in the windows folder, even one set of settings for
> all users but stored in a dedicated folder in the Design Explorer folder
> would be heaps better.  Any one with comments on this?
> Ian Wilson

I strongly agree that configuration/customisation settings should be kept in
ASCII format files (rather than in binary format and/or in the registry). (I
am also very glad to hear that many programmers are avoiding using the
registry to store customised settings.)

I also agree that these files should not be stored in the Windows directory,
but I wouldn't lose too much sleep, personally, if they remained there.

That said, I still think there is something to be said for being able to
customise settings to a greater extent than is the case at present. Because
I have customised my resources to a large extent, I keep backup copies of
the files in the Windows folder in a separate folder, just in case Protel
crashes on me badly and the files in the Windows folder are subsequently
corrupted. Amongst the files I keep in the backup directory is a default
configuration file for the Power Print Server, as the set of colours that I
want to use for printouts typically vary from project to project, so I use
that file to restore a default set of colours (and I save a customised copy
of that configuration file for each project in which I want a customised set
of colours, to facilitate restoring that set of colours in the event that I
go back to doing any work on that project). That is one example of how a
greater ability to customise settings would avoid (or otherwise reduce)
current requirements to "juggle" configuration files on a project-by-project

It is not devoid of merit for Protel to follow the example of other
applications, in which customised settings are determined by the contents of
one or more configuration files that are in the same folder (or DDB file in
the case of Protel?) that the application is launched in, with the contents
of configuration files in a default folder (either the Windows folder or the
folder where the application's executable and library files are stored)
being used instead if such files do not exist in the thus "local" folder (or
DDB file).

This issue could be a can of worms to some extent though. While it is not as
user-friendly as it could be, sufficiently experienced users can currently
customise their settings for each project as required, by saving copies of
configuration files containing settings customised for the requirements of
particular projects, and then "juggling" files between folders as required.
To that extent, the status quo "ain't broken, so don't fix it", and there
could be a danger that attempting to improve matters could result in a
"broken" application, or otherwise in an application that is not as
user-friendly as it could be. I am not suggesting that changes should not
occur, but we should still be very careful about exactly what we are

Geoff Harland.
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