I have encountered problems with protel 98 SP6 and camtastic both miss
interpreting an unusual pattern of concentric trace arcs which I made for a
shield. The top side arcs were 4mil traces each with a radius 8 mils larger
than the previous. The bottom side of the board had arcs in the spaces that
existed on the top side. Needless to say this pattern was tedious to create.
The Protel print preview and Camtastic showed every thing as is should be.
The photo plots resulted with an arc 30  or 40 out from the center to have
misplaced center point and shorted to other arcs. When I looked at the
gerber data with Gcpreview it correctly showed the errant arc. The problem
seems to be some common error between Protel's gerber generator and
Camastic's gerber interpreter. The work around was to draw it all in metric
My note is just that sometimes it is best to cross check with an independent
gerber viewer or translator.
Dave Eloranta
Locus Inc.

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> This may have been mentioned before, but I've recently started using the
> export function in 99SE/SP6 to send drawings to another company site
> they have yet to see the light and use Protel :-) ), and we've noticed
> vias with connections to internal planes have no connection to the planes
> the exported file (pads are exported OK).
> Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?

I don't think this really qualifies as a bug. But it probably works that
way.    This is asking quite allot of an "intelligent" program like Protel
to export to a "non intelligent" program like AutoCAD which wouldn't
recognize the connections anyway.  DXF, DWG formats are stick figure
characters on  a computer screen. I rarely use the direct export feature in
Protel as well as rarely using the print manager.  My advice to anyone using
these two features is to generate gerbers, import to Camtaxtic  then
generate dxf or prints from Camtastic.   I recently read all the woes of dxf
and printing again on this forum and didn't respond because I have posted
this before.......USE CAMTASTIC !  It fixes all you dxf outputs, and
printing problems.
The only problem with exporting  DXF is, AutoCAD can be overwhelmed by the
shear size of the files, requiring long waits to update a screen.....oh well
that is AutoCAD's problem, not Protel's.   I know it is a few more steps
from File, export,  but it is far more accurate and manageable to use

Mike Reagan

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