I had a similar problem recently when my company changed its name, and
therefore the email address.

I sorted it by emailing the List Manager (address in message footer), and
he removed my subscription, allowing me to re-subscribe under my new

Hope this helps, and good luck.


"Stephen Casey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 31/10/2001 15:10:05

Please respond to "Protel EDA Forum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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Subject:  Re: [PEDA] Let Me Out Of Here!!!!

My post is quite off-topic, but I've tried other routes. Apologies in
advance. Stop here if you're easily irritated!

> How can I get off this list!!!!!!
> I have tried the Unsubscribe URL at the bottom, but it never completes!
> -John


I can't help, but I have a (slightly) similar problem. A long time ago I
subscribed to this list with a CompuServe account. I now cannot send emails
through the CompuServe account (long story - ISDN, CAPI drivers, Win2K and
CompuServe network incompatibility problems that I spent too long trying to
resolve). I still use CompuServe for incoming, and need to continue that
way. The problem is - I can't unsubscribe because it must be done from the
originally subscribed account. I have another subscription to the list (the
one that this post has been sent from), so now I get two of everything (I
have set up a rule to delete the duplicates, but I'd rather not get them).
can't unsubscribe using the link, either. I have sent multiple emails to
Postmaster at Techserv, but to no avail. Before anybody suggests it, I
want to unsubscribe the ConnectFree address, as then I can't send posts.

Anyway, Techserv, if you're listening, please could you unsubscribe
[EMAIL PROTECTED]? Send a mail to that address and I'll reply to it if
you want verification. And John, if you manage it could you let me know

Once again, apologies for the [OT] nature of this post.


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