I agree with you. I am a user of CAD software that requires maintenance
programs that I haven't bothered with, (despite their regular attempts) as I
don't feel that the price warrants the benefit.  However I still use the
version that I have because it still performs the functions that I need.
However I still wish for a few if the features of the new software but not
at the cost of a maintenance contract.

I am a new user to Protel and hope that they don't adopt a similar program.
I have switched to Protel form a smaller, much lower priced,  CAD company
that I have given 5 years of upgrades to.  Unfortunately I outgrew their
software capabilities and became tired of the software instability.  Protel
has proved to be more stable and serves my purposes much better.  My
decision to purchase Protel was based on the tech support and lack of
maintenance contract requirement, as well as many of the comments in this
user group, and the fact that there was a fully functional trial version.

I feel that a software maintenance contract is a way for the company to get
your money before you even see the product.  You have no idea what the new
features are going to be, what bugs are fixed, what bugs are new etc.  Yet
you have already forked out the cash for it.  This type of company never
gets my repeat business!!


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Aldac and their distributors have shot themselves in the foot as far as
future slices of our dosh as there is no reason for us to pay any more money
to them. A slight downer for their shareholders
don't you think?

[Rave switch off]

In the end I expect Protel will do what they want, and what the hell, why
shouldn't they? Its their company.
If we don't like their Product or services we should simply go elsewhere.


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