Also, I didn't explain why it doesn't work as you explained.
I don't know programming wise why, but unless you actually tell protel
exactly what you want to change (match attributes section), and what you
want it to change to (copy attributes section), protel will tell you
that it is going to change 16 parts, because you told it which 16 parts
by checking the selection box, but it doesn't know what to change it to.
I think this was changed in SP6, because Global Edit could be quite
dangerous before, if you accidentally gave protel the wrong information.

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I discovered this, but the global edit just takes a bit more tweaking.
You have to enter what you want to change on the global menu.
For example, if you selected 2 parts, and you wanted to change part type
from 1K to 2K, open global menu, select "same" on selection under
"attributed to match by" and enter "2K" in part type box under "copy
Also, if you want to change a specific parts "lib ref" you would have to
enter the old lib ref under match by, and new lib ref under copy.


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Hi all,
I just recently changed over to SP6 running on Win2K professional. I
to global edit a schematic part using the selection as the common
The customary screen saying I was about to change 16 parts OK? yet when
clicked yes, nothing changed. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this
news and I have just had my head in the clouds?


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