The ones I see used, and I use, are:
  - Schematic           yes
  - PCB                 yes
  - Powerprint          yes
  - CAM Manager          yes
  - Simulator           yes - quite often.  I forced myself to work out how to 
use it fully.  It took some time, and it is very fiddly to add new models.
  - Autorouter          yes
  - 3D Viewer           tried it for a marketing picture and it was close but 
no bananas
  - PLD                 yes - for 16V8, 22V10 and similar only - usually these 
are for little test jigs etc.  Basically this is just CUPL.
  - Arrange Components  occasionally on initial import
  - Autoplacer          no
  - PCB Miter           occasionally
  - Signal Integrity         tried briefly - will use as necessary
  - Database Link          no

And some ones not yet discussed:
- Spread                     yes
- Chart                       no
- Cross Selector         yes
- Synchroniser (EDS) Yes Yes Yes
- File Find                  dunno - maybe I have
- Help Advisor    (the little '?' mark at the bottom right)  Yes occasionally
- HSEdit                    Yes
- LayerStackupAnalyser   Yes
- LoadPCADPCB       No
- LoadPCADSCH       No
- MacMaker               Yes
- Macro                     Yes
- MakeLib                 Yes
- PCB_SS                Yes
- SCH_SS                Yes
- SchDWGUtility       No
- ServMake               Yes (but the wizards does not work for me)
- TextEdit                 Yes

I have left off some that are pretty much parts of the main Sch and PCB 

I am a many hats type - not simply PCB or PCB/Sch.  This, no doubt, affects 
my usage.

Of the servers that are currently available that I see no need for, and 
should *not* be part of the package, there is only one,:
AutoRFQ - waste of time

Those that need lots of work:
3DViewer - but with user controlled models this will have occasional 
application.  BTW the SDK does have a height parameter for components.  I 
tried writing a server to set this parameter but either I did not debug it 
fully or the parameter does not (yet) get looked at by the 3DViewer.
Database Link - speed and formats

The major servers requiring a bit more work to dramatically improve 
Sim - including models and the rather clunky method of viewing traces - but 
getting there and already very useful.  Lack of some of PSPICE extensions 
is a bit of a pain.
Sch - I want a more detailed ERC/rules based system for specifying layouts 
in the Sch.  Closer integration with PCB.
PCB - lots of stuff that can be made better as this is the core of the 
program that should be under continual improvement.
TextEdit - Not too bad but not as good as a specialist editor like TextEdit 
(unfortunately the same name as the Protel server).  Some irritating 
display artefacts. Consider the comments below.
Spread - needs more work.  Stability is poor and the Excel4 features are a 
little dated. Consider the comments below.
Most of the other servers can do with updates to imrpove the full suite.

On the text editor and Spread - I think I would like the option of 
substituting external programs for these.  The external programs could be 
specified as being OLE Compliant, if Protel so desires, but why chase your 
tail on non-core stuff.  We could then use 1-2-3, Excel or whatever for 
spreadsheets and TextEdit for text editing - in a seemless manner if the 
OLE integration was done well.

Ian Wilson

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