Hi Fabian,

The MATROX G450 is a newer version of the G400Max with a high speed 
(360mhz) RAMDAC and 32mb of DDR video ram.  We use G400 PCI, G400Max AGP, 
and G450 AGP video cards on WIN98Se and NT2000 with Protel.  They are all 
rock stable, and the drivers are regularly updated by Matrox as Microsoft 
evolves their products.

Dual head display is switchable from Windows desktop without reboot.  If 
you choose single head display, all display memory is dedicated to the 
single display.  If you choose dual head, memory is divided according to 
the desktop resolution chosen.  Whether or not you need dual head, the 
Matrox cards are very stable and reliable.  We are set up for two monitors 
- typically we will display a schematic or technical data on one monitor, 
while working on a PCB on the other monitor.  If we don't need the second 
monitor, we turn it off and deselect the option in the MATROX QuickDesk 

Unless you are a gaming snob/fanatic the Matrox cards do a quite 
respectable job with 3D as well.  My grandson likes to visit my office, so 
I keep a copy of Star Wars Episode I Racer on one of the G450 WIN98SE 
machines.  The game graphics are spectacular, and there are no crashes as 
my grandson and the game tax the limits of the video card.

We switched to Matrox after problems with ATI, Diamond, and 3DFX cards.  We 
have not had any video card problems since the switch.

At 02:34 PM 11/22/01 -03-30, you wrote:
>This subject may have come up on the forum before, but I just need a
>I am getting to replace my video card *finally*. I know Matrox is a solid
>card. Are their any other preferred models, considering, dual head is not a
>requirement. Any reports on the latest stuff (G550 or 450) are of interest.
>I would also like to know (be reminded) if there is a FAQ/bug list/list of
>work arounds/list of suggested improvements for Protel, outside of Altium ?
>Fabian Hartery

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