there is a small program called "CTSPD"
(ftp://ftp.heise.de/pub/ct/ctsi/ctspd092.zip) that does conformity and
plausibility checks on the EEPROM contents of SDRAM modules. If a module
fails this check, it does not necessarily mean that it is not working
properly, but that the EEPROM data analyzed by the BIOS are not as
expected. You have this effect frequently with cheap no-name modules. This
may lead to non-suitable SDRAM controller initialisation by the BIOS. Nice
little program. Disadvantage for most of you: only German language, but
I had this program check SDRAM modules on Compaq Presario computers. The
result was: Error, error, error, ..........  They seem to implement the
cheapest stuff available on the market into their computers. I had a
Presario PIII 500 until spring this year. Nothin but trouble.


Gisbert Auge

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I too use a Compaq, although not the same as yours, and get maybe 2-5
lock-ups per week. I don't think they are Protel (Altium, whatever)
I think they may be memory leaks or hardware related. Today, as a matter of
fact I've downloaded a program called "Memokit" from MacAfee, suppose to
improve memory leaks and memory performance and all that good stuff. I'll
try to keep you posted.

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Hello! I have had extended RAM removed from my computer thinking the RAM
was bad.

Computer is Compaq Ipaq, now with 64 meg of RAM, W2K.

Day One: no computer crashes.

Day Two: three Protel 99SE crashes. All three gave an error window
starting with something like: Access violation at address 00444C65 in
module 'Client99...   All three crashes were in a span of 5 1/2 hours
(10:15 AM EST, 11:15 AM EST, and 3:00 PM EST).

Question: Could the 3 Protel 99SE crashes be from running with only 64
meg of RAM, Protel needs reloaded from numerous crashes with bad
extended RAM, or other hardware problems suspected? Any guesses?

Thank You!

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