Why would I want to keep extra copper where it's not wanted?  Electrically I
might want the copper to separate sensitive areas of a board where a gnd net
was missing. For my purposes I like to keep as much copper on board as
possible. One because it makes my etchant last longer and two because if I
route the prototype and keep as much copper on the board as I can I get to
control the clearances with rules and speed up the routers performance when
it rubs out the bare areas of the board. 

I use the fill instead of the track because it's easier find and highlight
under the mess of tracks that get poured when you lay down a polygon. I turn
on polygon draft and they pop out.

If you haven't guessed I do mostly prototype work for my clients.

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At 01:46 PM 11/29/01 -0500, Jenkins, Charlie wrote:
>I find that after the polygon pours and dead copper is removed, there are
>areas that I would like to keep the copper that was removed because no
>connection to a net could be made.


>   In those cases I use a net "seed" like a
>via or little fill patch with a net assigned to it.  I place the patch and
>repour. Use pour over same net and the patch will be covered by a polygon
>the same net as assigned to the seed via or patch.

Yes, this will do it. A piece of free track assigned to the polygon's net 
also accomplishes the same purpose. A fast way to create that track is to 
draw it from anything connected the the net, then pick it up and move it. 
Or, of course, one can just edit the net field in the primitive's edit

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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