> When I tried the M-C command and click on a blank area of the PCB, it
> up a handy dialog box allowing me to choose from a list of components
> on the board. I want to just see the resistors, so I enter R* for the
> and it works as expected.
> The problem is when I want to do this AGAIN, the R* reverts back to *
> causes all components to show up again. I have to type R* AGAIN and AGAIN.
> I think to make this more useful, the filter should persist between access
> to this dialog. Does anyone else disagree??
> Tony

There could be times when the user wants to select a resistor (say) on one
occasion, then a capacitor (say) on the next occasion. As such, I would see
merit in providing an user-selectable setting so that either the current
behaviour or the requested behaviour could be selected (as desired).

And given that the provision of such a feature *shouldn't* be too difficult
to implement (either in the originally requested form or in the more refined
form which I suggested above), I would not oppose it on the grounds of it
being a relatively frivolous request (which could divert Altium's
programmers from providing fixes or enhancements of a more important

I suspect it would be a bit late in the piece to incorporate within Phoenix,
or at least in the initial version of this. But perhaps it could be
incorporated in a followup SP (depending upon whether or not it would have a
significant impact upon the database structure of PCB files or system

Geoff Harland.
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