> I have vague recollection about some of us being asked to participate and
> know *I* haven't started yet. I hope they are serious about testing or are
> planning to slip the release date.
> Tony

The websites for Protel and PCAD invite their visitors to apply to become
beta testers for Altium products (which I have done). ISTR that a message
was also posted to the Protel and PCAD mailing lists advising users to apply
to become a beta tester (if they thought they were suitable for that task).

However, other postings to this forum suggest that being accepted as a beta
tester doesn't imply that such users will necessarily be asked to test *all*
releases of beta software.

The last I heard, Phoenix is supposed to be released during Q1/2002. As
such, it could be released as late as late March next year without slipping
from that schedule. If nobody is beta testing as of yet, that suggests a
reasonably tight schedule, but for all I know, there could be some users
beta testing already (possibly with NDAs requiring them to refrain from
disclosing that they actually are beta testers).

It could be argued as to how long is suitable for beta testing. A long test
period *should* result in more bugs being found (hopefully all of them), but
the counter argument is to ship product ASAP. As I suspect that some bugs
will in fact slip through (regardless of how long the beta testing period
is), what will be at least as critical is how long it will take to release
followup SPs (and how many of these there will be)...

Geoff Harland.
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