> At 08:10 AM 12/11/01 +0100, Emanuel Zimmermann wrote:
> >- Export Protel Schematic as PCAD ASCI
> How? My 99SE SP6 system does not seem to have this option. The Protel
> add-on site has a PCAD translation pack, but it says that this is included
> in SP6.
> Abdulrahman Lomax

The list of Servers for my installation of Protel 99 SE (SP6 installed)
includes LoadPCADPCB, LoadPCADSCH, SavePCADPCB, and SavePCADSCH servers,
which can be used to import or export files in P-CAD (ASCII) format. I did
not download these from Protel's Website per se, as they were included as
part of SP6.

The *default* set of Resources (toolbars, menus, and shortcut keys) is not
set up to invoke any of the Processes provided by these Servers, but these
Processes can still be invoked, if desired, by either customising your
Resources, or by clicking on the downwards facing arrow to the left of the
menu, and then clicking on the "Run Process..." item on the resulting popup
menu. (That results in the invocation of a "Run Process" dialog box, with
which you can select whichever Process you want invoked (and with parameters
of your choice, if so required).)

I don't have much experience with these Servers, but I have exported a PCB
file in P-CAD format on a few occasions (while I was trying out the trial
version of P-CAD 2001). My recollections were that if two components having
the same footprint property had differing numbers for corresponding pads,
P-CAD 2001's PCB application "spat the dummy" when I then attempted to open
the thus exported file (and as such the fix was to ensure that corresponding
pads (within different components having the same footprint) *didn't* have
differing numbers before exporting the associated PCB file in P-CAD format).

I didn't acquire any experience with importing any types of files into
Protel 99 SE, or of exporting any types of schematic files (or schematic
library files) (from Protel 99 SE). But in the event that problems are
encountered while attempting to open a file (exported from Protel 99 SE) in
P-CAD's Schematic application, I would suggest reading the contents of any
error messages / error report generated, and then taking any remedial action
as required.

Geoff Harland.
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