Getting the SI tools running is still the same mess as getting the PLD Stuff
running. The documentation from Protel is more than bad. we gave up getting
PLD running and now use external Software. 

Both PLD and SI look to me as they were nothing more than quick-hacks for
only one reason, "we must have it, even if it is only mentioned ...." maybe
SI works with the new LIBs but i have not found any useful documentation
that explains how to setup SI and the LIBs (full custum created) so that SIM
and SI both work :-( even the support from switzerland was not able to
explain that to us, also a reason why we gave up with the SIM after a while
after we had switched to 99se from 98.

Also i am following this list for now quit a long time and nearly 99% that
is discussed here is SCH & PCB (also OS and HW related stuff) but it seems
for me that most of the Protel users here still ONLY use SCH and PCB as they
may not need the other parts, or they also found out that there is NO realy
documentation or even support from Protel available. This impression is also
set up my mind as ALL mails and information i get from Protel and training
cunsultant ONLY have SCH and PCB available. NO SIM NO SI NO PLD !!! 

FOLKS do i have the right impression that protel is NOT a profession tool
for more than JUST ONLY doing PCB and SCH ? i will not spent the money for
the next release or any other (and we have more than one full versions of
99SE) if the next or any other version does not have the SI, SIM, PLD and
Database stuff fixed in a way that it is useful. Or maybe protel just need
to do a realy good manual how it is ment to be used and how it can be used,
in way a user can use it if he has NO knowledge at all with that kind of
tools. Well at least he/she should know what he/she want to do :-)

BTW : since 99Se the database link is more than useless as it takes toooooo
much time, 98 was much faster. i never heared anything from this list or
protel that there is planned to fix this. so no chance to connect protel to
a database. the only way that works ... export from protel and do the job
with another software. what a pain. it could be so fine be just starting the
database and getting the part fields updated. well have you ever tried to
find out that protel cleans part fields that were not updated ? or get a
report at the end what was not found during update ?

so i am looking foreward what the next release will bring, but i guess we
will not UPDATE. p99se does the sch and pcb but nothing more. 

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