I suspect the P99SE clients that are eligdable for free support will be offered
an upgrade to Pheonix. These clients are now no longer P99 clients but Pheonix
clients with 1 years free support. Now this new Pheonix will be version 1 with
all the bugs associated with new release. I bet the service pack for this will
be delayed and released after the 1 year so to receive it you will have to pay
$$$$ ATS support fee. Altium is now a marketing company and no longer the
engineering company that won the respect of the community.

Clive B

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I thought that As Protel 99SE clients we where entitled to ATS until we

BM_8>Can I buy ATS membership for my Protel 99 SE license purchased prior to
October 1st 2001?

>You do not need to purchase ATS for existing Protel 99 SE licenses â€

ô you
will continue to receive ATS-level support and technical resources for your
license.    >When you upgrade from Protel 99 SE to the next version of
Protel* you will then receive 12-months free ATS membership as part of your

can someone tell me what is going on. The Training Manual is for ATS members
only. According to Altium I am a ATS member already. Altium looks to be
headed for a large derailment, and it looks to be ugly.


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We are pleased to announce that the â€

£Protel 99 SE Training Manualâ€

Ø is now
available for download from the Protel website at
http://www.protel.com/etech/learningguides.htm. The manual is only available
to ATS members and all Protel 99 SE license holders. Please ensure that you
have your license number available for validation during download.

One hand apparently isn't talking to the other. The complete email had no
hint as to WHERE one might download this. The website had no clue that I
could find, either, except that the website had been last updated Dec 5 (8
days ago). As with the Tasking offer, I was more interested in seeing if
Altium actually intends to support ATS or if they just think they spotted a
cash cow. The answer thus far is not encouraging. I'd be really reluctant to
shell out that much cash without being very sure what I'm getting for it;
having seen the level of support provided by ATS thus far, I'll just save my
money for a cross-grade.

Steve Hendrix

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