one of the key factors to an item appearing in BOM or not appearing
in a BOM is that the Part Type field in your schematic symbol must contain
some text/numeric data. This is actually handy because with certain
practices you can control which items end up in your BOM or not.
        In our common practice we link our schematics to our MRP system
information and stuff several fields with detailed information. We enter our
company part number into the "Part Type" field to act as our key field for
linking. If a part is not used in the assembly we leave the "Part Type"
field blank. This does two things, we have a special key field link that
will cause the value field to be stuffed with "Open" instead of a real
value. The second effect is that when generating a BOM, that part is not
listed in the BOM (perfect since it is not intended to be in the BOM).
        I hope that answers your question and shows you how you can use this
as a feature.

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
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Burnaby, B.C., Canada, V5C 6G9.
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I have a design that is 100% complete and sent to the board house. Now when
i run the BOM server it leaves out a couple of components. (SW1- SW3) They
are there on the .sch when i go to reports/BOM...

have never seen this before. Anyone have any thoughts on this one?

Thanks for your time,

Joel L. Hammer
PCB Layout/Cad Specialist
icq #: 125950045

E2 Enterprises Inc.
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Saint Charles, Missouri 63303

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