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At 01:52 PM 16/01/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>         just glanced around their web pages and it looks impressive. A
>little costly compared to P&V but the main question would be how well does
>it operate?
We do have the Protel Plug-in. I use it all the time and find it invaluable.
In fact, I'd hate to work without it now.

However, if it isn't fully setup or VBA script customised, the infrequent users
may find it taxing at times. By this, I mean the amount of editing you choose
to do in Protel with part fields.

If setup fully from day one, you don't need to do any editing. So, how well
it operates depends upon how well it is setup.

>         When selecting a component are there any significant delays while
>the Protel add-on copies or links the data into the Protel part fields? Note
I would say this depends upon your hardware. Not "significant delays" as
Protel exhibits. I have a P3 877MHz/500Mb RAM and experience 1-2 seconds
delay from pressing place part to it appearing upon my cursor in Protel SCH.

>I am looking for a comparison between the dCSM data linking and the horrific
>slow Protel linking process.
In my opinion, no comparison. The Protel linking is terrible. I gave up on it
very early on in the piece. In fact, I resorted to spreadsheets rather than use
Protel linking.

It is also hard to compare as the methodology is different. dCSM doesn't have
a permanent link to Protel. You work by placing a part of which it's part 
are populated from the database. You then have synchronization tools to 
the data. Hence, there is no linking delays at all.

Synchronizing is great DRC method for part numbers and parts use.

>         What number of user definable fields will it allow?
As many as Protel allows you to use (eg. 16 part fields & part type). Outside
of Protel you can have as many as you want (ie. in the database itself).

>         What do your purchasing or production people say about it?
These guys love it. We send all our PCBs outside for manufacture now,
so I have to maintain a mini version of an MRP system. I also use dCSM
for this. That means our purchasing dept. can access anything they like about
a part anytime and anywhere (webserver access). All our data have PDF
datasheets linked.

>         Is it used for those functions or just in Engineering?
As above, engineering/ordering/searching/placing/MRP....
purchasing/production do BOM compare between revisions for example.

>Brad Velander.
>Lead PCB Designer
>Norsat International Inc.
>#300 - 4401 Still Creek Drive,
>Burnaby, B.C., Canada, V5C 6G9.
>Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
>Fax  (604) 292-9010
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>There is an external database-Protel integrated product of this nature that
>I use. It is dCSM by
> Our complete engineering team has been using this for
>a few years now
>and quite successfully.


Colin Weber

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