I had been using tiny swap files for a while.  I was informed by a 
Microsoft trainer that was a very bad thing with Win2K but I can't remember 
the exact reason.  I think it was something like the registry or some other 
important stuff is ONLY accessible in the SWAP file.  I made my swap files 
bigger.  My old error messages went away.  Sorry that I can't remember 
precisely what it was, but I know it wasn't lack of RAM, as I hadn't been 
doing much CAD on that system and I have 1/2 Gig of RAM.  IN fact, my 
memory usage is only about 30% or less most of the time.

>Sorry about the long delay, I have been away-from-list.
>(And I just had to say something...those of you groaning about this thread 
>will be happy to know that this is pretty much my final word on it, 
>regardless of any reply:)
>At 06:25 PM 1/11/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Eliminating the swapfile, or making it small can cause problems with 
>win2k, like
>unexplained errors, or program mysteriously closing. No matter how much 
>system ram
>you have, I do not recommend it.
>Just to set the record straight, I have been using Win2k for quite awhile 
>now, and have never had this happen, nor has anyone I know that is running 
>a 2mb swapfile had this happen.
>Works great for us. In fact, as long as I stay away from the spreadsheet 
>editor, I don't generally ever have errors in Protel :)
>You would have to provide a repeatable example with an application that I 
>can get access to, to convince me.
>There shouldn't be any reason why a small swapfile would cause problems. I 
>would sure like to read about any documented problems with this, if anyone 
>can point me to them.
>If I recall correctly, your swapfile MUST be LARGER than your memory size 
>if you have your 2K system set to do a complete memory dump on a Stop (BSOD).
>Also, I think in order to do the other memory dumps you must have a 
>swapfile of at least 2MB in case of a Stop. This is the reason for the 2MB 
>minimum. Anyone who remembers the appropriate MS KB article can quote it 
>if so motivated. Not observing the above minimums will get you locked into 
>an endless loop of reboots, as I recall. And it isn't easily fixable.
>My advice is to set the computer to an option besides complete memory 
>dump...what would you do with a complete memory dump anyway?
>Maybe I didn't make myself clear. 3x is an under-exaggeration.
>I suppose you are going to tell me that the Protel autorouter will run 3X 
>faster when chewing on a huge board.
>Everyone here knows that the processor isn't going to go 3X faster than it 
>did before... the assertion is that there will be less HD activity, enough 
>to cause a performance increase during CERTAIN TYPES of computer activity. 
>Please be clear on these claims. Unqualified Grandstanding doesn't do 
>anything but create controversy.....


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