On 10:13 AM 19/01/2002 -0800, Brian Sherer said:

>1) Protel doesn't flag buffer overruns at all, in any server. It can occur
>for instance
>multiple Polygon Pours are used instead of Split Planes on a multilayer
>It seems
>that Polygons are handled as a multiplicity of primitives, while Split Planes
>are handled as
>single entities. Database size seems to grow exponentially if Polygon Pours
>In a "failure to initialize" or crash situation, this is often related to item


Can you explain more about this please?  I have never heard of buffer 
overruns used in this context.

Yes, as others have said, large polygons do cause the PCB file size to 
increase.  But in my experience this has been a linear increase reflecting 
the number of tracks in the polygon.  In the past there has been discussion 
on methods of reducing the sizes of polygons.

Again, I have not come across the concept of "buffer overruns" in the 
context of a file format such as Protels.  The Access database format (DDB) 
is only used to store proprietary BLOB data, and from memory the capacity 
of Access (for blobs) is 2 GB. Since 32-bit handles are used throughout the 
servers (as far as I can see from the SDK anyway) this would imply roughly 
4 billion entities per file.  Now it is possible that Protel chokes on 
larger files due to bugs or memory handling problems.

And I know that there are certain actions using select and move selections 
that can cause groups of entities to become "sort-of" invisible.  But this 
is not related to file size and I can see how this could be described as a 
buffer overrun.

I would like certainly like to know more about the buffer overruns you 
describe - especially in regard to the interaction with the autorouter.

Ian Wilson

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